Monday, March 24, 2008

The Nature of Writing as a Career

My husband and I were recently talking about my business and I noted how well this writing life suits me. I have never been particularly social, having finished high school in a rural area. I mostly remember long lonely horseback rides, bike rides and walks in my pre- boyfriend days. Before that, I was the gawky pre teen with my nose constantly (seriously, I do mean constantly) in a book. I like being alone quite a bit.

That's funny, given that I have spent time in PR, event planning and marketing, huh? I can take it, quite happily, in meted doses.

However, there are a couple aspects of this writing life that I do not savor. Technology, for one. I dislike the roar of the internet, the thought that you are not truly alone, even when you feel alone. Isn't that odd? I've kept journals since age 11 in complete anonymity, and yet the practice catches on in the form of blogging, and I am writing, suddenly, for the audience that pays my mortgage...

I also miss the partitioning of work. When I worked at the local University and Community College, I easily passed off things that others were versed in: technology hiccups, administrative tasks that I could not complete. Everything is me now, us if my husband/silent partner is available.

But overall, I do enjoy the quiet efficiency that's going on around here.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Monday Update

Good morning readers, writers and clients!

Quick update: in order to better serve other clients, I've let go of two blogs: ParentingDiva and WritersUnbound. I wish them all the best!

I've also trimmed my RSS feeds, got OFF some email lists and taken down my blog "30 Years to Save the World."

All these actions are aimed at simplifying my work schedule and attempting to reclaim some work time. I really look forward to taking on some new projects and new clients!