Monday, July 9, 2007

Vacation Message!

I will be in beautiful, wonderful Mexico July 11-25. Please be sure to miss me :)

Friday, July 6, 2007

The Best Bidsites!

I have experience with three of the major freelancers bid sites and would like to leave my thoughts for newbie writers...It is my opinion that it is a great way to break into writing and build up clips.

However, I know many writers are not fans of these sites. While it is true that many of the jobs go to those willing to aggressively undercut their pricing, that does not mean that you and I have to stoop to undercutting our prices. I've won a lot of gigs for a fair price. Even some for more than a fair price! For example, I proofread a 317 page book for 1200$ Easy! while the interface is lovely and allows you to upload a good deal of "stuff," I have found that this site is the #1 place for employers looking to just "get a feel" and not really hire someone. Doesn't cost to join. I have got tons of jobs with good money on this site. However, I am not a fan of its interface- you can't upload a lot of clips or photos or your logo. Doesn't cost to join unless you upgrade to a gold membership. At this site I won a gig to write 5 press releases (which are naturally short) for 150$ One of the most competitive. Great profile builder, you can upload a lot of clips and etc. I just started at this one so I can't say a lot. It does cost to join. Not a lot of traffic. Difficult to use and not intuitive. I got an ongoing blog gig for $75/month on this site. I don't like it or use it much.
(EDIT: very proactively contacted me after this post to inquire as to how they could improve their service. Really, I think such great customer relations bodes well for the company. In addition, I feel I should have supported my comment a bit: I don't like Guru simply because there are not a lot of projects open to writers who have not upgraded to the paid membership. I feel the cost to upgrade is too much compared to their competitors. I get a lot of good paying jobs at sites that cost far less.) Didn't like it or use it much.

Please feel free to comment or add any to the above.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Writing High: How easily my WRG articles are coming

Writing Low: None yet! Just issues with AMOUNT of writing

Money Out: None today

#Jobs Considered: About 50 between Deb NG's blog , WHAM, Absolute Write and Morning Coffee

Jobs Applied For: 19

#Jobs Received: 0 (Haven't applied for any in a while! This was catch up)

#Jobs Lost: 2- Two of my bids lost today at

What I worked on today: WRG

On my to-do list: WRG, Hubpages,

Today I also updated my resume, updated these blogs, followed up on one job and submitted one article pitch (to this great website:, I love it! I will keep you updated) I may have also goofed off on MySpace a little......... Well, if we're going to go there, I also watch the kiddos play in the pool, took them to feed the ducks, and cooked dinner :)

Paid Blogging Jobs

8 more days until I'm back in the mountains of central Mexico!!!
Hey All,

I have recently done a little research and went through the motions of applying for some blogging jobs. I am kind of busy with projects, but also was a bit curious. So, I am listing them below for your benefit...Many of these jobs note that you "don't have to be an English major" (funny because I am), but instead want great depth in a particular subject area. They also come with high recommendations from many freelancers I know.

Best of luck!




Lifetips (very competitive though)


OxygenMedia (actually a curriculum delivery site, but still pays writers!)